Saturday 19 July 2008

Advertisement Booking Deadlines announced

The Advertisement booking deadlines have just been updated on the All Things Local website.

They are: 
Issue - October/November 2008 - Booking deadline: Friday 5 September 2008

Issue - December/January 2009 - Booking deadline: 31 October 2008

Issue - February/March 2009 - Booking deadline: 2 January 2009

Issue - April/May 2009 - Booking deadline: 6 March 2009

Issue - June/July 2009 - Booking deadline: Friday 1 May 2009

Issue - August/September 2009 - Booking deadline: Friday 3 July 2009

More details can be found on our website - click here to find out more.

Monday 7 July 2008

Make me smile....

Did you know that All Things Local has a regular humour spot?

Issue 7 had a great page of Cooperisms - worthy of the great Tommy Cooper himself... here's just a taster of what you're missing out on, on page 26 of issue 7 of All Things Local.

Click here to visit Page 26 now (presented in pdf format).

From Make Me Smile:
"This lorry full of tortoises collided with a van full of terrapins. It was a turtle disaster"

"This policeman came up to me with a pencil and a piece of very thin paper. He said, "I want you to trace someone for me."

"I phoned the local gym and i asked if they could teach me how to do the splits. He said, "How flexible are you?" I said, "I can't make Tuesdays or Thursdays."

Wednesday 2 July 2008

Last reminder of booking deadlines for Issue 8

My how the weeks are flying by! Already the deadlines for Issue 8 of All Things Local are nearly upon us.....

Deadlines for August/September 2008 Edition:
Advertisement bookings: Friday 4th July
Advertisement copy: Friday 11th July.

For more information, please visit our Advertisers information page by clicking here.

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Kilburn Community Association - Welcomes New Members

The committee of Kilburn Community Association (KCA) is made up of representatives of various groups using Kilburn Village Hall.

These include the Wine Circle, Church, Whist Club, Self Defence classes, dance classes, elderly luncheon club, childminders, stay 'n' play, yoga, keep fit and several independent members that are interested in the hall and community.

There is also representation from the parish council as well as a caretaker and the editor of Kilburn News (which is paid for by KCA).

Many members have been attending for several years and after 17 years of doing an excellent job, Jean Frost has decided to retire as treasurer.

The KCA are now looking for a replacement for Jean.... read more by clicking here to visit page 76 of issue 7 of All Things Local - Community Magazine.