Monday, 6 September 2010

Life through the eyes of Scrambles, a Belper-based Cairn Terrier

Firstly we must apologise for missing our column in the last edition – all our doggie friends have given us a good telling off and wondered what had happened to us. We in turn have given our Mum a good telling off and told her we HAVE to get a column done for this edition.

We are at the moment two quite worried little doggies because our Mum is putting all our stuff into boxes and we are sticking like glue to her because we suspect she is going somewhere and we want to make sure she doesn’t forget to pack us. Chaos climbed into one of the boxes last week and went to sleep but Mum said she couldn’t stay there and gave us both a big cuddle.

Our Mum says we are moving and that we are going to love it (we, on the other hand, are not convinced). She says we are going to be moving to a house that is 100 yards from our very favourite park and we will be able to walk for ages and ages without having to drive to it so we are very, very excited about that but can’t help worrying that with all these boxes and things that two small doggies might get overlooked.

We have never lived anywhere else before but so long as our Mum is there we know we will be OK. She has promised to bring my ‘Sluggie’ with us and Chaos’s ball so we will have our favourite toys. She also says there’s something called a conservatory so we will be able to see outside all the time even if it is chucking it down with rain. That will be nice because these humans do have a rather silly habit of putting windows halfway up the wall so we can’t see out – there’s no consideration for us at all!

We did go to have a look at our new house last week (from the outside) and our very best friend Schubert came with us. It was great because our Mum and Schubert’s Mum and Dad took us all for a walk through the park afterwards. We had lots and lots of fun saying hello to everybody and running through as much mud as we could find.

We are fairly sure we are not going to get forgotten but until then we aren’t letting our Mum out of our sight.

We will hopefully be moved and have this all over with by the time we write our next column, so we will give you a further update then and let you know how we are settling in.

Scrambles xx

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