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Music Scene by Rhia Calvert

Rhia Calvert (17) is a young lady from Holbrook with an extremely bright future ahead of her. She is in her second year at Derby College where she is studying Media. Rhia (pictured) has a huge passion for music and spends a lot of her spare time at gigs. She loves photography and writing and hopes to become a professional photographer.

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I've personally felt for a while now there are not enough good melodic rock bands around any more. With genres such as 'deathcore' and 'metalcore' dominating the music scene it seemed I was giving up hope on finding anything different and a little bit unique; but Blood Orange are exactly this. For any metal lover, the Nottingham four-piece are definitely something to look out for. Here's Blood Orange to tell us more...

Can you tell us how Blood Orange first got together and how long you've been a band?
Simon and Steve (drums, guitar) met while in previous bands and formed Blood Orange during the late 1990s. Neil joined in 1997 and Paul in 2006.

Can you tell us some interesting facts about each member?
Steve and Neil are scared of germs and carry alcoholic hand disinfectant everywhere they go! Neil was once an extra in an AC/DC video. On his left hand Steve has the top of his middle finger missing. Simon is an excellent surfer. Paul still gets really nervous before playing live.

How would you describe Blood Orange's sound?
We think we're doing something a little bit different to what else is around. I think Faye Coulman, from Sandman Magazine, said it best. She once reviewed one of our gigs and described us as "Goth-tinged melodic rock" with "intricate melodies both luxuriant and acidic-edged in character" and an "almost manic-depressive energy." I love that description. I don't know why, but bands often seem to find it hard to put their sound into words - ourselves included; but for me, Faye's totally nailed it. If we'd have said it ourselves it'd look like we're being pretentious, but coming from someone else - it's awesome.

What's currently happening with the band?
We're finishing off our album. It's taken quite a while to do, but we're doing it all ourselves so there's been a lot to learn about recording and stuff. Up until now, we've just recorded in studios as cheaply and quickly as possible, but the results have always been disappointing quality-wise. This time it's going to sound how it should.

Where is the band's favourite place to play a gig and why?
Anywhere playing outdoors is fantastic if you've got good weather. Rock City in Nottingham is cool to play just because of its reputation. We've had some great gigs at The Vic Inn in Derby, too. It's really small in there, but there's a good atmosphere.

What's planned for 2011?
Our album will be released early this year, then it's all about getting it heard in as many places as we can, so we'll be gigging a lot to promote it.

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