Monday 6 February 2012

Fashion by Shona Harding of Pearls and Scarlett

Going into the New Year most people see it as a chance to change or adapt the lifestyle choices or habits we all slip into throughout the year. For most people it is giving up chocolate or cigarettes, for others it involves a gym membership or two. These resolutions normally don’t last very long as we put the expectations far too high and set ourselves out for failure. So for a change this year why not set yourself a resolution to try a new style or look. As with everything we do on a day to day basis we are habit forming, it is part of our DNA and this is no different for the way we shop. We get used to buying from the same shops; it gives us comfort to know what size we are in that shop and that season after season they tend to stick to only variations of the same look.

If the prospect of changing your style is too daunting why not look to your favourite films or T.V programmes for inspiration. Programmes like Downton Abbey and films following the lives of Marilyn, Wallis Simpson and Margaret Thatcher are all popular and hark back to the days when women dressed in a more stylish way. Likewise if you were inspired by Princess Diana or Jackie O you can achieve their style by just making the smallest of changes.

Plan your seasons – take an hour out of your weekend to really think about what you will need for the next 3 to 4 months. We can take Jackie Onassis as a style inspiration for example; start with a Capri length or cropped trouser, very straight leg with vents at the ankle. A great colour is a dark beige, navy or black, team that up with a pair of ballerina pumps or loafers; good labels to look for here are Jaeger, French Sole & Max Mara. Then a higher neckline for the top - slash is great with ¾ length sleeves. Avoid prints and stick to plain, it is classic and will ensure the look won’t date. For evenings out try a black shift dress, length just below the knee teamed with a short swing jacket or bolero and medium-heeled court shoes. 

Keep jewellery to a minimum with just an elegant bracelet or earrings. If you look at photos of her from the 1960’s right up until her death she never made a fashion mistake because she understood and knew her style.

Next edition, I will be discussing a different look altogether; in fact it could not be more opposite to the elegance of Jackie O - the madness of Helena Bonham Carter!

See you all in April.

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